Our Partnership with the Woodland Trust

Protecting our Wild

At Belvoir Farm, we’ve been helping nature do its thing since 1984. From ensuring we send zero waste to landfill, to dedicating acres of land to growing winter bird feed, creating flower rich margins for butterflies & pollinators, and planting over 10,000 trees. Protecting and nurturing nature is at the heart of everything we do.

That’s why this year we’re partnering with the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity; the Woodland Trust. With growing threats to our precious woods and wildlife, our partnership supports nature recovery and protection of the UK’s woodland.

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Protecting our precious woodlands

Threats to our woodland, wildlife and the wider environment are growing. Our trees and woods face a challenging combination of pressures, from humans, pests and diseases.

The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe – only 13% compared to the European average of 37%.  And much of the woodland we have is in very poor condition. Nature is paying the price – one third of all woodland wildlife species are in decline, and 1 in 10 woodland wildlife species are at risk of extinction

Sharing the Woodland Trust’s vision for a world where woods and trees thrive for people and nature, Belvoir Farm will be supporting the Woodland Trust in the protection and care of UK woodland.

The Woodland Trust’s mission

Woods and trees are essential. For people. For wildlife. For a healthy planet. The Woodland Trust has been standing up for woods and trees for over fifty years.  It has over 500,000 members & supporters and cares for more than 1,000 woods, keeping them open and accessible for people to explore and enjoy. It creates havens for wildlife by planting millions of trees every year, campaigns for new laws to protect ancient woodland and restores damaged ancient woods so they can breathe again.

Fancy taking a walk?

Woods offer a space for you, friends and family to venture outside and enjoy some of nature’s most magnificent work. Bluebell carpets, tangled branches, breath-taking wildlife and miles of woodland trails. From the countryside to city green spaces, the Woodland Trust cares for thousands of woods throughout the UK, all free to visit.

From woodland glades to unexplored pathways, where will your visit to the woods take you?

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Welcome to our Wild
A Woodland Tour

You don’t have to travel to experience the incredible sights and sounds of some of our most beautiful UK woods. Sit back, sip on a delicious glass of our Belvoir Farm drinks and immerse yourself in the calming sights & sounds of a stunning woodland.

The Woodland Trust’s 360 tours invite you to explore the history and natural spectacles of these amazing places from your home. 


Make a donation & support the Woodland Trust

Tranquil glades. Displays of spectacular colour. An escape from busy city life. Our woods offer us so much. And with your support, the Woodland Trust can continue their important work to ensure they’re always there, free for everyone to enjoy, for generations to come. 

Every penny you give counts for woods and trees.


Join our Wild

We’d love to see how you’re enjoying the woodland trust spaces near you.

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The Woodland Trust is a registered charity, numbers 294344 and SC038885. The Woodland Trust logo is a registered trademark.