The Craft

We are at home in the countryside.

It’s where the Manners family are firmly rooted

Belvoir Farm relies on our business for agricultural investment and our business relies on our farm for quality organic elderflower. The two grow together. In farming our organic elderflower, we work hand in hand with the land and with honest conservation practises – we know that we need to give back at least as much as we take. 

For us, Crafted with Nature is not just a slogan, it’s a way of being.

Belvoir Farm, our own organic elderflower, and the other simple ingredients we carefully select, are just a part of our story. 

There’s an artistry to making premium soft drinks that taste homemade.   It includes generosity – using masses of pollen-heavy flowers and full fruits.  It involves freshness – ingredients harvested at their best in the warm sunshine or in the soft cool of autumn.

Traditional Methods

It relies on traditional methods and skills – handpicking, blending, infusing and meticulous tasting – to balance the best of flavours, in both cordials and sparkling soft drinks.

The art

There’s science in it, of course, but it’s the art that crafts it and lets the natural flavours shine through.