Privacy Policy

Our commitment to your privacy

We’re serious about protecting your personal date. This note explains:

  • From where we sourced your personal data
  • The personal data that we collect
  • Your personal data rights
  • Your right to object to our processing your personal data and withdrawing consent
  • How and when we use that personal data
  • For how long we will keep your personal data
  • How you can access your personal data
  • Information about our use of cookies

If you have any questions or queries about this notice please email us by clicking ‘here

Data protection principles

  • We will comply with the seven data protection principles in the GDPR, which say that personal data must be:
    • Processed fairly and lawfully.
    • Processed for limited purposes and in an appropriate way.
    • Adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purpose.
    • Accurate.
    • Not kept longer than necessary for the purpose.
    • Processed in line with individuals’ rights.
    • Be kept secure.
  • “Personal data” means recorded information we hold about you from which you can be identified. It may include your contact details, other personal information, photographs, expressions of opinion about you or indications as to our intentions about you. “Processing” means doing anything with the data, such as accessing, disclosing, destroying or using the data in any way.

Personal data that we collect

The personal data that we collect may include any of the following: your name, address, email address, telephone number, preferences, IP address (the number that uniquely identifies a specific computer).

We always ensure that we have a lawful basis for processing the personal data that we collect.

Your rights in respect of your personal data to: 

  • Request access to any personal data we hold about you.
  • Prevent the processing of your data for direct-marketing purposes.
  • Ask to have inaccurate data held about you amended.
  • Prevent processing that is likely to cause unwarranted substantial damage or distress to you or anyone else.
  • Object to any decision that significantly affects you being taken solely by a computer or other automated process.

How and when we use your personal data

We are committed to using your personal data responsibly and lawfully. Here is what we do with your personal data:

  • We’ll focus our updates on information that you’ve shown an interest in
  • We will ensure that we use it to deal with your enquiries about our service quickly and efficiently

We will usually only process your personal data where you have given us your explicit consent for example to register for access to our website, or for entry into a prize promotion, or where the processing is necessary to comply with our legal obligations. In other cases, processing may be necessary for the protection of your vital interests, for our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of others. The full list of conditions is set out in the GDPR.

  • We will only process your personal data for the specific purpose or purposes notified to you or for any other purposes specifically permitted by the GDPR.
  • Your personal data will only be processed to the extent that it is necessary for the specific purposes notified to you.
  • We will seek to keep the personal data we store about you accurate and up to date. Data that is inaccurate or out of date will be deleted. However, it is your obligation to keep us informed of any changes to your personal data, eg if you move house, or if you become aware of any inaccuracies in the personal data we hold about you. You may do this by sending an email as indicated in section six.
  • We will not keep your personal data for longer than is necessary for the purpose. This means that data will be destroyed or erased from our systems when it is no longer required, which is typically two years from your last interaction with us, by email, website or other means.
  • We will only process your data in line with your data rights.

To help us maintain the accuracy of the personal data that we hold please let us know if we hold out of date or inaccurate information about you.

Sharing your personal data

There are only a few occasions where we will share your personal data with a third party. They are:

  • Where we’re required to disclose it by law – to government bodies for example
  • Between ourselves – for example to deal with a query that you may have
  • With our professional advisers and agencies (who are required to keep your data confidential)

The data processor collecting your personal data for the purpose of this policy is Together. We use accepted standards of technology and security to protect your personal data.

For how long will we keep your personal data

Our ‘retention’ policy lists the type of data we process and how long it is kept. If you would like us to delete your data and we don’t have a lawful reason to regain it you can make a deletion request by clicking ‘here’ or writing to: Belvoir Farm Drinks Ltd, Barkestone Lane, Bottesford, Leicestershire, NG13 0DH.

How you can access your personal data

You can ask us for a copy of the personal data that we hold on you by either clicking ‘here’ or writing to: Belvoir Farm Drinks Ltd, Barkestone Lane, Bottesford, Leicestershire, NG13 0DH. We will ask you for copies of two types of approved identity in order to process your request (such as a passport and driving licence). You can also ask us to make corrections to data you consider to be inaccurate by clicking ‘here’ or writing to: Belvoir Farm Drinks Ltd, Barkestone Lane, Bottesford, Leicestershire, NG13 0DH.

Our website does not require you to input personal data to use it. You may however volunteer personal data such as your name and email address to request information, updates and our services. That information is required to deal with your request.

About this Policy

This policy was written and approved on 24th May 2018. Any amendments will be available on this page.