Sometimes, change is good

Why have we changed our look?

Whilst our previous elegant and beautifully hand-scripted labels have served us well for many years, we’ve taken the time this year to reflect on what these labels really say about us.

We wanted to give ourselves a newer more contemporary look, which focuses much more on the natural ingredients that we put into our bottles. We press, mix, slice and cook these ingredients to make every bottle full of them and give you the very best tasting natural drinks we can.

We love the new illustrations of our ingredients, drawn to reflect how they grow in the wild, and we hope you will too!

Carefully selected, simple ingredients

We go on about ingredients a lot – we only use simple, store-cupboard ingredients so we obsess about choosing the very best freshest, zingiest, tastiest lemon juice for instance or the most special raspberry juice we can find, let alone weeding our by hand every bad elderflower from the tonnes we receive each year.

We want our friends and customers to look on the back of our bottles and see what amazing ingredients we use, that’s why we say “carefully selected, simple ingredients” on every one of our new labels.

Crafted with Nature

It sums up all we do at Belvoir Farm: taking carefully selected, simple ingredients, with nothing artificial whatsoever. And right now, when people are reconnecting with nature – seeing its true value in what they do and drink – the time feels right for us to be loud and proud.

Why are we now ‘Belvoir Farm’?

Well, we only have one farm, not several and we don’t actually grow fruit anymore, just lots of organically grown elder trees for their flowers as well as sustainable arable crops – so we thought it better to call ourselves Belvoir Farm; it kind of sums up who we are in a simpler way. We’ve kept the slanted label and the hand-written look, we’ve just updated it and made it, we hope, clearer to read and more contemporary.

We hope you like it.