Belvoir’s got a lot of bottle outdoors this Summer

For Belvoir Farm, 2021 sees a refreshing new look, the first out of home advertising and a number one market position*. The history of the company is rooted in the community, especially during the Elderflower harvest throughout May and June. Each year the company calls on the local community across the four neighbouring counties to collect elderflower and bring it to be infused into their famous cordial, a tradition that goes back to the early 80s, when John and Mary Manners galvanised local pickers to help them turn abundant elderflower in the local countryside into their famous cordial. 40 years on, their son, Pev Manners, carries on the same tradition at Belvoir farm, and now anticipates more than a million bottles of its iconic cordial to be produced this summer. ‘‘2021 has been an exciting year so far” explains Pev. “Our new strapline, “Crafted With Nature”, sums up our natural credentials, giving consumers real confidence and pleasure in premium soft drinks that are refreshingly real and taste delicious. We want our natural credentials to shine through. We’re also proud of our sustainable farming – growing much of our elderflower on our own organic 60 acre plantation. Our ingredients are carefully selected from around Britain and further afield.” Belvoir Farm’s ingredients are front and centre on the new packaging. Frothy elderflower, vibrant spicy ginger, fruity raspberries all feature strongly in a bold and beautiful design, sure to appeal to existing fans and new, younger consumers.

Continues Pev “There’s a real wildness about it, in keeping with nature itself. We make our still cordials and lightly sparkling soft drinks with simple ingredients and a knack for traditional methods. We let the ingredients do the talking. We never taint our drinks with artificial additives; choosing, instead, to let the natural flavours shine.” The company has launched its first major national out of home advertising campaign, with an investment of over £1 million to support the growth of the brand this summer. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of the brand values and capitalise on consumers being able to enjoy the outdoors this summer and the renewed love of the English countryside since lockdown. The “Go Forage!” campaign will focus on Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s superstores, appearing on a mixture of store entrances through to billboards: 240 store entrances, 788 proximity to stores and over 45 hours of digital billboards across the country. In addition, Belvoir is running a nationwide on pack promotion called “Win and Get Wild” to reflect the wild at nature theme that runs through the brand.

Belvoir Farm makes around 25 million bottles each year, that are exported all over the world from their modern bottling plant but their recipe development still follows an artisanal style.
• Belvoir are the No.1 Sparkling Elderflower RTD Drink. *Total Market 52we 22nd May 2021 Value Sales.
• Belvoir’s Ginger Cordial is the biggest ginger flavoured cordial
* Total Market 52we 22nd May 2021 Value Sales (*Source: IRI Total Premium Ready to Drink Category, Value sales, IRI Major Multiples YTD to 24/4/2021)

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