Belvoir Farm’s On TV!

That’s right! We’re on TV. From the 18th of July 2022 we will be hitting your screens at home for our first ever TV campaign.

But the big question is, is it Beever or Belvwar? In all honesty we don’t mind how you say it, as long as you love our drinks! But here at Belvoir Farm we pronounce it Beever. Why, we hear you ask? Well, a long time ago when William the Conqueror invaded, the Normans named the area after the French word for beautiful view, ‘Belvoir’.

However,  the native Anglo-Saxon population was unable to pronounce such a word like the French, preferring to call it ” Bee-ver”. This has now continued for thousands of years with the local community and still to this day sparks the debate of whether or not its Beever or Belvwar.

We hope that this campaign will welcome people into our wild where we dedicate so much time to:

Planting trees for future generations to enjoy

Dedicating four decades to nurturing nature

Sowing acres of wildflower meadows

Welcoming the bees, bugs and birds

Working with the community to forage wild elderflowers

Putting more into nature than we take out

Letting nature do its thing

& making drinks that can change colour with the seasons – because so does fruit

It’s a wonder our wild and you can taste it in every sip

Belvoir Farm. Welcome to our Wild.

Missed it on TV? Press play on the video below to see what we get up to here at Belvoir Farm.

YouTube video